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By Nanci Harris, BSc Nursing

Nursing Self-careThe notion of self-care is no longer an exotic or optional practice for healthcare workers. However, the way in which it is effectively incorporated into the life of a nurse working in a mental

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A Hands-On Approach to Psychotherapy?

By Lysianne Buie

boundariesA friend of mine, Sigourney (name changed), once told me she would never see a therapist who wouldn’t hug her. Adamant that non-sexual touch in therapy helped her feel connected, she characterized a therapist who wouldn’t touch

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Protecting Your Mental Health: 5 Ways to Take a Break From the Troubles of the World

By Liz Greene

Protecting Your Mental HealthIf the word of my therapist is anything to go on, the state of our country is starting to have an incredibly detrimental effect on deeply empathetic people. With the constant barrage of highly charged political issues

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The Problem With Yelling

Hilary Jacobs Hendel

Verbal abuse“The problem with verbal abuse is there is no evidence,” Marta shared. She came for help with a long-standing depression.

“What do you mean lack of evidence?” I asked her.

“When people are physically or sexually abused

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Why Do So Many Trauma Survivors Develop Addiction?

The Trauma-Addiction Interaction

By Dr. Sara Aharon, psychologist

Trauma and addictionThe impact of psychological trauma on mental health has been under-estimated. Clinical experience and a growing body of research is linking trauma to chronic depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety disorders, dissociation, anger and

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