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Whizzinator Frank Review

Are you looking for ways to pass a urine drug test? Well, your search ends here since you just stumbled upon the right direction. It is common to let loose a bit and enjoy your weekends to their fullest. Some might go overboard while using recreational drugs like weed and guess what, your company notifies you about a sudden drug test. Thinking about the consequences is enough to keep you awake at night.

Not many can handle this kind of situation. You might delude yourself thinking irregular intake of marijuana wouldn’t get detected in a drug test. But the lab results can be the complete opposite. Of course, avoiding cannabis for a considerable amount of time would help passing a drug test but no company gives that much time.

Some try to collect the piss of a friend or a family member who is clean of these drugs. Others try to avoid the test by making excuses. Both methods are suspicious and risky. But you cannot just sit around letting your dream job slip away from your hands.

Different drug tests have different detection windows be that urinalysis, mouth, swab, follicles tests, or else for alcohol drug tests. The type of drug you took also influences the detection window. For pot, you might wonder, how long does it last in your body. Cannabis is detectable in your urine for up to 30 days and no employer would provide a month for testing.

Employers are now more aware of the safety and productivity of their employers. Since a stoned employee cannot utilize their full potential, no employer wants to hire someone who takes drugs. It’s a waste of their resources, to eliminate this problem they are running frequent drug tests. New employees along with the old ones have to take these tests.

Getting fired from jobs might seem the best decision if someone is a high drug user. It destroys their decision-making ability. The ambiance of the workplace can get disrupted by them too. But what about those who are light users, or those who were just curious about it. Keeping that in mind, some products were launched to beat drug tests. Whizzinator is one of those products that help to pass urine drug tests.

The directions are also easy to understand so it might be your one way out. The kit comes with a fake penis so you can beat a monitored urine drug test too. Around 43 percent of drug tests aimed to confirm your eligibility as an employee tend to be monitored. So, you know why the need for a fake penis.

This is the Whizzinator review that will tell you all the things you need to know for passing a urine drug test. Granted, staying clean is the best thing to do if you don’t want to get fired for testing positive for drugs. But this cannot be an option if you are taking the test the next day. The natural weed detox process can take days. Consuming liquids like fruit juice and water is good for cleansing the drug metabolites out of your system. Drug metabolites flush out of the body with urine and sweat. Whizzinator for THC detox does the same thing but quickly. You do have other options but it is the fastest option with better chances of success.

A good amount of people already used whizzinator to pass a drug test but why should you believe them. According to several Whizzinator reviews, this product helped individuals with their drug tests. But remember, this kit cannot help to pass a saliva test or a hair follicles test. It can only help to pass a urine drug test. Now, let’s dive deeper and uncover more about Whizzinator.

What Is This Weed Detox Whizzinator and The Things You Get with It?

So, what is this product that can help to attain your dream job? The Whizzinator for THC detox is a urine drug test beating kit with a fake shaft or penis. Those who want to clear their urine drug test use this product. To use this, take the bag that comes and fill it with synthetic urine ( that comes with Whizzinator. It has straps so you can wear it easily. As I mentioned, 43% of drug tests are supervised. That means a lab tester or a doctor would keep an eye on you when you are peeing in a cup. Thus, buying the best fake urine wouldn’t be enough. You would need something which would deceive their eyes into thinking that you are genuinely providing the sample.

Let’s check out the things that come packed with it:

Remember, Whizzinator has several models to offer. You can get whichever you deem fit. The following are the things you would find in Whizzinator:

  •       A fake penis
  •       Heating pads (4 pieces)
  •       Dried urine
  •       A syringe
  •       A manual with instruction

The makers of Whizzinator thought so much about your needs so they have thought about your skin tone too. Imagine a black male who shows up for a monitored urine drug test whose penis doesn’t match the skin color. Keeping that in mind, the fake penises come in different sheds. It has five colors. These are Latino, brown, black, white, and tan. Choose the one that goes the best with you.

Fake Penis

With a fake penis, giving a urine sample reduces the possibility of getting caught. Now you might be wondering if the shaft would get you into trouble. Well, that shouldn’t be on your list of concerns. The penis might be fake but it looks just like a real one. Another concern is how to hide Whizzinator. Hiding is also easy, just wear the waistband and fasten the straps. Make sure you did a great job in doing so.

Synthetic Urine

Along with the fake penis, you get fake urine too. The synthetic piss comes in the form of powder. The power is then mixed and poured into the bag. You have to make the fake urine on the very day you are taking the test. Of course, the quality of synthetic urine is an important factor. The one that comes packed with Whizzinator is also great but if you find better-quality fake urine then you can use that too.

Heat Pads

Another remarkable thing about this weed detox kit is that it comes with heating pads. So why heating pads? Human urine has a certain temperature. It tends to be the same as your body’s temperate ranging around 90-100 °F or 32-38 °C. Synthetic urine doesn’t have that temperature. No matter how top-notch the fake urine is lab tests would flag it. To keep the synthetic urine warmer, you use a heating pad.


The purpose of the syringe is to insert the fake urine into the shaft without making a mess.


The manual helps to understand the dos and don’ts of the kit. Also, it instructs you on how to make fake urine, the proper way for inserting it, and other necessary advice.

What Is the Working Mechanism of Whizzinator?

The idea behind coming up with Whizzinator was to trick the lab assistants into thinking that you are peeing for real. So, they know the piss sample is authentic. The rest would be tackled by the synthetic urine. Through urine, the doctors can identify the traces of weed for more than 30 days. But this much time is not sufficient for flushing the toxins out of your system naturally. To secure your job an alternative solution is essential. So, the fastest possible way for creating a drug test is using synthetic urine.

But people were clumsy with it and got caught which then led to a monitored drug test to prevent tampering. Thus, you have to take a piss at someone’s inspection. But with Whizzinator, you can use the fake piss as a sample in front of a doctor and he wouldn’t even know. Trust me, the fake penis doesn’t look fake at all.

The working mechanism is nothing much. You just take the synthetic urine, inject it into the bag, and fasten the straps. Make sure the fake one is positioned just where your penis is. Don’t forget about the heat pads. Take one of the heating pads and place it near the urine bag. It will help the fake urine reach the perfect temperature and keep it that way.

This pad can keep the synthetic urine warm for about eight hours. Whizzinator starts working as soon as you put light pressure on it. When it is activated, the fake urine would start collecting in the test cup via the fake shaft. Hand over the sample to the lab assistant and your part is done.

The Ingredients of Whizzinator

The official site of Whizzinator has listed only two ingredients. And these ingredients are:

  1.   Creatine
  2.   Uric acid

Of course, the kit doesn’t have only two ingredients. This means the site doesn’t disclose the whole ingredient list for some valid reason. But if you do some research, you would find some key ingredients common in any synthetic urine formula. These ingredients are:

  1.   Sodium phosphate
  2.   Purified water
  3.   Urea
  4.   Sodium chloride
  5.   Potassium chloride

How To Use Whizzinator

Here I am going to explain the Whizzinator instructions thus you can take the test with confidence like you have nothing to worry about and they are as follows:

  •       Unpack the kit while you still have more than two hours to spare on the very day of your test
  •       After removing everything that came with the kit, start the fake urine-making process.
  •       Mix the powdered urine with 60-90ml water
  •       The water should be of normal
  •       After that, take the syringe and inject the mixed solution into the bag where you would like to store the fake urine.
  •       Never inject too much of the fake urine otherwise there remains a chance for leakage
  •       You can take up to 130ml fake urine in the bag
  •       Place the heating pad near the fake urine bag
  •       Check if the fake urine’s temperature is right
  •       Wait for an hour to get the expected temperature
  •       Don’t go overboard with heating the synthetic urine
  •       Keep the temperature around 90 to 100 degrees
  •       The urine would remain warm for eight hours

Is It Legal using Whizzinator?

As I said, Whizzinator has a big fan base where more and more people are using it to pass their urine drug tests. But what is the aftermath of cheating in a drug test? Do the users know about the consequences if they get caught?

Cheating on your drug test can put you behind the bars. So, when you are determined to use the cheating methods, ensure that you are not getting caught. Never try to cheat your way out in any government organization. Because once you are exposed it would lead straight to jail.

Now comes the question, how is using Whizzinator illegal but not selling it. The manufacturers who made the whizzinator were charged for selling the product as it was regarded as a felony against the US government. It was back in 2010 when the company was condemned. After that, another company took over the original Whizzinator manufacturer company. They started to distribute the product as a completely legal sex toy.

Now, how are you going to utilize the product depends on you. The manufacturers advise you not to misuse the product. So, it should be more than clear why selling is okay but misusing is condemnable. Thus, you have to evaluate if marijuana is worth more than your career and life.

Does It Have a Female Version?

The need to beat a urine drug test is not limited to just men. Women like to indulge in drugs too. Thus, they too search for ways which would help them pass. Whizzinator for both genders are quite the same but the female doesn’t have the fake shaft.

Whizzinator for women comes with an elastic belt made of cotton to fasten it around your waist. The best is linked to a urine bag filled with synthetic urine that would be the sample. The bag that stores the fake piss has a pipe that helps to pour out the artificial piss into the test jar. Its storing capacity is about three ounces. You would get two heating pads in it to keep the fake piss warm.

For better measurement, the kit includes a temperature strip. With it, you would know when the temperature reached the expected level. Along with these, you get a syringe too for injecting the right amount of fake piss in the pouch. To finish the entire process easily you get an instruction manual too. Thus, give the manual a thorough read.

Does Whizzinator Really Work?

Passing a urine drug test is impossible if you are someone who enjoys smoking pot once in a while or takes it regularly. Thus, saying goodbye to your dream job might seem the right choice to make.

But what if there are other ways. One of them is using Whizzinator which I have already explained. But does it work or it is just another scam. Getting a little anxious or skeptical about its effectiveness is understandable. Fortunately, numerous Whizzinator reviews declare that the product is really helpful. If all the instructions are closely followed you can surely pass the test.

But use the product only for a regular drug test. If you want to get into the military or army, getting yourself clean would be the right choice. The tests done on those sectors are expensive and cheating is too risky. You don’t want to put everything at stake, do you?

Pros and Cons of the Whizzinator


  •       Immensely famous
  •       Can pick any of the five shades that match the skin ton
  •       Able to use it multiple times
  •       User-friendly product
  •       The quality of the synthetic urine is top-notch
  •       High chances of success compared to other similar products
  •       Helps to retain your current job
  •       Helps to get your dream job


  •       Whizzinator is costly compared to similar products available in the market
  •       Several states have declared this product to be illegal
  •       Your employer can take legal action against you for deceiving them.

Do I Have to Clean the Device?

Whizzinator is costly but it can be used again and again. So, you have to make sure the device is nice and clean. The cleaning method is nothing much. You just buy a regular cleaning product and wash it out. Whizzinator doesn’t come with a cleaning solution. Either you order it from the official site for frequent use or purchase whatever is available. Proper cleaning is important for those who want to use it more than once.

When you don’t wash the device, bacteria start to accumulate in the fake penis. Artificial urine is susceptible to bacteria attacks. Thus, you would face two problems. The first problem is clogging and the second one is identifying the presence of bacteria in the lab tests.


Imagine you have successfully passed urine drug tests a few times with the help of Whizzinator. You are going to use the same device for another test. You show up for the test confidently and when the time comes to provide the sample. But nothing is coming out of the pouch even after activating the fake penis several times.

It happens when the fake piss gets stuck in the tube and cannot pass through. Bacteria create blockage where the synthetic urine pours out. In that situation, you have to provide a real sample. The result of the test would come positive while you say bye to your dream job.

Bacteria Detection

The problem doesn’t end even if you manage to squeeze fake urine out of the device. When the sample gets tested, the doctors would detect some unusual content or more specifically bacteria that shouldn’t be there. Normal pee doesn’t have those bacteria.

To avoid these unfortunate events be sure to clean it thoroughly. After washing run a test to see if the device is working or not. Use water for doing the checking purpose.

Where To Buy Whizzinator Near Me

It’s not unusual to make and sell cheap copies of famous products. But these copies cannot match the quality and people who bought them becomes the victim. If you don’t want to add to the list of the victims it’s wise to make your purchase from the official website. This way you can put your mind to ease that you are going to pass the test if you follow the steps.

You can visit for buying the product. You can also make your purchase from reputed retailers like Walmart or Amazon. But in this case, steer clear of the fake Whizzinator. You don’t want to waste your money on cheap replicas.

Keep in mind that whizzinator is not marketed to cheat urine drug tests. They are simply distributed as sex toys. So, misusing it and getting exposed while doing so can cause serious problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can lab tests identify the presence of Whizzinator?

Unless you get exposed while using it there is no way it can be detected in a lab test. It has all the items that generally normal urine has. You cannot tell the difference without running tests for identifying fake urine which labs don’t perform normally. But be smart and avoid using it for any government-authorized drug test. Trust me the risk isn’t worth taking. Also, the kit might not help if the test you are taking is costly.

Does Whizzinator’s ingredient list include creatine?

Whizzinator does have creatine in it. Even though the official site doesn’t disclose the whole list but the presence of creatine is confirmed. It is understandable why they cannot show the entire list since the product is distributed as a sex toy. The manufacturers had to go behind bars for selling a product that deceives the US government. Thus, they are selling it in the guise of a sex toy which is legal.

Does it contain Uric Acid?

Yes, it does.

How to know if the temperature of the fake piss matches the temperature of normal piss?

Easy, use the heat pads for raising the temperature. For measuring the temperature make use of the temperature strip. See if it turns green. Green means that the pee reached the precise temperature.

How Long Does It Last?

You can use the Whizzinator multiple times just remember to wash it clean. Dehydrated urine can last for a long period if you did not add water to it and kept it properly. In case you have mixed the powder with water making the urine solution then it can last for about twelve hours. After that, the fake urine would come to no use.

Can I reheat it?

Yes, but doing so after the mentioned time would do no good.

Can I freeze the synthetic urine?

Well, if you want you sure can but the effects might not remain the same. Also, the manual doesn’t suggest anything like this so I would recommend against it.

Is it possible to pass a monitored urine drug test with the Whizzinator?

Of course, all you have to do is to pick the most suited shaft that resembles yours and do everything the instructions say. But remember Whizzinator is not for cheating drug tests. It is just a sex toy. The manufacturers don’t recommend using it for committing crimes like cheating on a drug test.

Where should I keep the fake urine?

Keep it somewhere where sunlight doesn’t reach.

Should I include anything with the fake urine?

Don’t mix anything with the urine solution if you want to pass the test without getting caught.

Manufacturer Information

Brand Name Whizzinator
Location Long Beach, California, US
Operating hours 9 am to 5 pm MST (Monday)
Phone Number + 1-888-895-7016


Customer Reviews

Now check out what customers have to say about this product. I have collected them from different forums so you know the experiences of other users.

Whizzinator Positive Reviews

This customer shares his success story stating he passes over 20 urine drug tests with Whizzinator. He even passes the supervised tests with ease. The user sure is really lucky.

Whizzinator Review 1

Whizzinator worked for this user too. He gave a lot of important advice which would help others with Whizzinator. The user took a big risk but it worked out fine for him for don’t try to cheat on government authorized drug tests. A little mistake can ruin your life and send you behind bars.

Whizzinator Negative Review

Whizzinator Review 2

I suppose the user was too anxious and failed to follow the instruction. he failed the drug test a few times and needs advice for passing the next one. If you too have the same query then read the manual again and practice with the fake penis. This might help as it did for the other customers.

Whizzinator Price

It costs you around $140 more or less. It might seem a bit mush and a wrong deal compared to other options. But you can use the product several times which saves money, unlike other products.

Getting a cheap but useless product might not work out for you.

Bottom Line

Many have used Whizzinator to pass drug tests and got success. If you can manage to follow the Whizzinator instructions properly then you too can pass a urine drug test. Whizzinator helped a lot of people secure their old and get new jobs. It is more popular among weed users to pass urine drug tests.

What makes this kit stand out the most is the fake penis which is quite similar to the real one. you just select the right penis according to your color and attach it to your body. Make all the preparation beforehand and stay cool. There is no doubt that adopting a natural weed detox method is the best thing to do.

The detoxification method takes a long while and Whizzinator is the fastest way to clear the test. This is available on Walmart, Amazon, and similar retailer sites. You can buy directly too by reaching out to the original site of Whizzinator. It reduces the risk of purchasing a knockoff.

Before using a product like this make sure you are prepared to face adverse situations too or at least know what might happen if things are going south. Don’t make choices without being informed. Also, find out if your state has banned this product. If so then refrain from using it. Using it for regular urine drug tests might make a lot of problems for you.