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Lift Weight or Donate Challenge


Your very simple act may be life-changing for thousands of others!

Moods’ publisher, Rebecca DiFilippo, is not only the editor and publisher of Moods magazine, but she also has life experience with depression and is a huge advocate for mental illness. Rebecca has created a very short video clip, which shares some of her personal story, but more importantly it challenges viewers to do something very simple that may possibly be life-changing for many others.

It would be amazing if you could pass this link along to family, friends and co-workers to help this campaign go viral and make it a huge success. Please take the challenge and upload your videos to the Internet with #liftweightordonate. For those who do not have a social media account, videos can be emailed directly to the Lift Weight or Donate YouTube channel.

Click below to watch the video

Details about the lift weight or donate campaign and how to upload your video can be found on the website at: