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The Answer Is Me

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By Perry Lefko

Perry Lefko's poem

Sometimes I want to cry
And I don’t know why
I have this feeling inside
That will not subside

It’s too upsetting
All too debilitating
Feeling so weak
Future looks oh so bleak

And then I recall
The answer to it all
How to turn all this negativity
Into some positivity

It starts with me
The person I want to be
I’m stronger than this
I can find some bliss

I control my thoughts
By connecting the dots
Now I see the light
And I feel so right

Yes, this is game
And every day is not the same
So I’ll go slow
Find where I want to go

Anything is plausible
Things can be possible
I just need to clear my mind
And happiness I will find

To find some kind of relief
It’s all about belief
Tackle this demon for a loss
I am the boss
Yes, I am the boss

Perry Lefko is an advocate for mental health.