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How to Use Stinger Detox for Marijuana Detox?

If a drug test as a requirement of the company is coming soon, and you are a marijuana user, you need to find a way to make the substance undetected to pass it. Test result with above 15ng/ml will automatically fail the test.

Stinger Detox and other marijuana user-targeted companies are offering products that can help you pass the drug test. The drug test will surely be successful if you take the product as prescribed, the company claims.

What Is Stinger Detox?

This THC detox product is five times more powerful compared to other brands in the market. Is it among the best marijuana detox drinks? Stinger Buzz 5x Extra Strength Liquid is the official marketing name. The brand claims to be an effective eliminator of toxins that is completely natural. The marijuana traces in your urine will be flush out after the substance passes through the liver and kidneys.

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Stinger Detox ingredients and their functions are to be discussed below.

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Stinger Detox Buzz Ingredients

We will not simply list down the ingredients; we will discuss each of them and state the reasons why it is added to the given marijuana detox drink.


This ingredient will provide oxygen, sugar, and extra energy to the body. It contains some carbohydrates and promotes the kidneys to perform detoxification of the remaining sugars. It likewise aids the mitochondria in cleaning the extracellular matrix.


Niacin boost energy metabolism, which helps eliminates the toxins from fatty tissues. The marijuana cannabinoids and THC will be released after the ingredient breaks down fat cells to Nutra cleanse the body. It can also help in stabilizing blood pressure.


It has detoxifying properties and cleans the body, particularly the liver.


This ingredient helps eliminate the THC present in the bloodstream, making the urine analysis clear from the substance.

Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM

This ingredient provides a good form of sulfur that boosts the permeability properties of the cell membrane. It enables the toxins to pass easily in the urine.

how long to get weed out of your system

Stinger Detox Work

Stinger Detox Drink boosts your metabolism to process more toxins fast. Your kidneys and liver will process more and eventually eliminate the substance out through your urine.

The marijuana cleanse process in your body is simple and safe. However, your urine may become too diluted, which can sometimes bring a positive result or require you to do the test again.

Stinger Detox: How to Use?

Using Stinger Detox is easy. How to get weed out of your system using the product? We suggest that you follow the instructions found at the label carefully to achieve the best result.

  • Stop using the substance for 48 hours or more.
  • During the examination day, you should avoid milk and other dairy products.
  • Shake before opening the bottle. Drink Stinger Detox (full portion) 90 minutes before collecting your sample. One bottle only contains 8 fluid ounces of the liquid, so you can drink it up in one shot.
  • Refill the bottle with water and drink it. Repeat this four times. You will be able to consume a total of 32 fluid ounces of extra water.
  • Urinate frequently before collecting your specimen for testing.

Stinger Detox 5X is not a permanent solution, and you have to keep it in mind. Though it’s a weed cleansing drink, substance traces will only be eliminated for a moment. If the test is repeated the following day, you will surely fail it. 

A Home Drug Test with Stinger Detox – Does it Work?

We want to make sure that the product works, so we have done the test at home using a test kit.

Two days before the home drug test, we smoked some weed and waited for 48 hours before taking the Stinger Buzz 5x Extra Strength.

We have followed the instructions carefully and then did the home drug test three times.

The first test was done 90 minutes after taking the product. Then after two hours and lastly after three hours.

As instructed, we drink extra water for the first 60 minutes and then stop so the urine will not dilute. We also didn’t drink milk or any dairy products.

We got a positive result on the first test. The succeeding two tests came back as diluted, which means the creatinine in the urine is not enough.

Would You Recommend Stinger Detox for A Urine Test?

Stinger Detox will provide varying results depending on the user. Testing, research, and user reviews prove it. We have read some positive reviews, and we also got some negative reviews.

We believe that there are factors that could be affecting the result, and further studies should be done on the product. Stinger Detox drink reviews, both positive and negative, are provided on GAHMJ, which has done further studies on the product.