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Spring 2009

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Publisher / Editorial Director

Rebecca DiFilippo
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Mental Health Central (MHC)

Mental Health Central (MHC), mentalhealthcentral.ca was developed by the founder and publisher of Moods magazine in an effort to fill the many gaps in our mental health system and provide a proficient means of locating the many needed, but often difficult-to-find resources and services.

This “hub” connects everyone through a “central” platform from which they may locate, promote or share mental health-related services, resources and research. MHC is a liaison for professionals, organizations, and individuals searching for or offering various mental health-related services (both nonprofit and profit-making) to the workplace and community. MHC is a one-stop, service and resource centre.

Changing Perceptions Inc. (CP)

Changing Perceptions Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing awareness and information about mental health to professionals, the workplace, and the community. CP has formed partnerships with various like-minded organizations, such as Lundbeck Canada, the Industry Accident Prevention Association, Mental Health Works, CAST Canada and the Ontario Suicide Prevention Network in an effort to address the gamut of mental health concerns and solutions. These organizations work in tandem to provide seminars, conferences and workshops required to meet the needs of businesses and communities everywhere.

CP also works closely with mental health hospitals/clinics and post- secondary institutions to offer ongoing awareness and education about mental health.

CP’s volunteers work with hospitals to assist newly discharged mental health patients with a seamless reintegration into the community through a peer support, “buddy” program. Peers introduce and accompany patients with first-time visits to support groups and services within their community, as well as assist with grocery shopping and other needs, allowing for an easier transition back into community living and recovery.

Moods Magazine

Moods magazine is a consumer publication, which provides educational information in layperson terms to the general public, educational institutions, and to the workplace. Moods emphasizes prevention through education, and supplies those living with a mood disorder (and illnesses that may be simultaneously present, such as addictions, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, etc.) with easy-to-read, useful information, while also diminishing the stigma attached to mental illness.

Moods and the General Public
Moods’ goal is to fill the many gaps of knowledge and awareness of mental illness. We wish to give those who are currently living with mental illness the opportunity to relate to others with similar experiences; to gain information needed to successfully battle their illness in conjunction with their doctor and treatment plan and to aid families and friends in understanding. We strive to improve the quality of people's lives by also providing information about current research and studies, new treatments, along with healthy living and eating tips.

Moods in the Workplace
In the workplace, Moods is used as an educational tool to assist all levels of staff in understanding and dealing with mood disorders and other mental health issues, as well as promoting ways to ensure an overall healthy work environment.
Understanding this affliction in the workplace and having the tools to deal with mental health issues may better prepare management to take appropriate steps in the early stages to assist staff. By doing so, accommodations may be arranged and assistance given in a timely manner, thus avoiding long-term disability and unnecessary exorbitant costs.

Moods and Youth
It is also our goal to educate youth, who are at the highest risk of acquiring a mental illness, as well as the faculty who work directly with these young people. Moods is made available on a complimentary basis, through our online publication, to students and faculty at colleges and universities across Canada and the U.S.A.

Our Long-term Goal
Our long-term goal is to assist in reducing stigma, and lowering the tremendous costs incurred by society, government and corporations as a result of mental illness, while improving the quality of life for all.


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