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Helping an Employee With an Addiction

By Julie Bowles and Simone Arbour, PHD

— Can Be An Organization’s Greatest Health and Wellness Achievement

helping employees with addictionsOver the past few years, there has been a shift in what defines a successful organization. No longer is the balance sheet

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Denmark Declassifies Transgender as Mental Illness

By Veerpal Bambrah

Declassification transgenderIn March 2016, North Carolina passed a law that bars transgender individuals from using public restrooms that match their gender identity, and prohibits cities from passing anti-discrimination laws that protect the rights of gay and transgender people.

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Is Your Air Killing Your Brain?

By Sally Perkins

polluting your mindAccording to a University of South California study conducted earlier this year, tiny air pollution particles that mainly come from power plants and automobiles, significantly increase our risk for dementia and particularly Alzheimer’s Disease. These particles enter

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The Answer Is Me

By Perry Lefko

Perry Lefko's poem

Sometimes I want to cry
And I don’t know why
I have this feeling inside
That will not subside

It’s too upsetting
All too debilitating
Feeling so weak
Future looks oh so bleak

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Breaking Stereotypes: Study Reveals More Middle Age Women Are Hiding Eating Disorders Than Previously Believed

By Jennifer Lezcano

Breaking stereotypes - eating disorders

Admit it. When you hear the words Anorexia or Bulimia you often picture a female teenager starving herself or eating tons of food before purging. That’s what earlier research and the media have always told us about

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