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Experiencing Grief in Early Recovery

By Jennifer Lezcano

grieving womanWhen someone completes an addiction treatment program, their counsellors will discuss what to expect in early recovery and will often advise to not make any major decisions after leaving treatment. But life has a way of throwing

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Semicolon Punctuates Mental Health Awareness

By Marjan Khanjani

semicolon - punctuates mental healthSure, writers dismiss it. But the semicolon –the otherwise underwhelming punctuation mark– has had its share of fans. Like American physician and poet Lewis Thomas, who said the semicolon leaves “a pleasant little feeling of expectancy; there

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A Brief History on Drug Addiction & Mental Health

By Trisha Miller

drug addiction and mental healthThe development of IV treatments can be traced back to the Middle Ages. It was originally used for blood transfusions long before it was ever used for medical treatments. However, it took quite a long time before

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By Alex Wasner

JittersI’m the product owner and lead developer of Jitters. To give you a little backstory, I have suffered from emetophobia (the fear of throwing up) since I was a child. At one point, I was unable to

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When Sex Is No Longer Fun

By Jeremy Hainsworth

sex addiction

Sex.  It’s a word that can light up part of some peoples’ brains the same way mentioning cocaine or heroin might.  Indeed, a compulsive sexual behaviour can be just as alluring for the addict trying to numb

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